Pandora – 3.5g
THC: 34.4%
1 Unit

The temptation to open this box will be hard to resist. This dynamic cross of Kush Mints 11 and our very own Grape Cuvée is the third edition of our limited Black Box Series. This strain displays beautiful violet and fuchsia tones interwoven with pale green foliage beneath a frosty sea of glistening trichomes and emits an aroma just as colorful. Sweet and fresh notes of mint, fruit, and pine are enhanced further upon inhalation, followed by a smooth and refreshing exhale. A warm, tingling sensation starts in the head, melts its way down the body, and settles into a deeply relaxed all-over buzz. While the mind remains alert and uplifted, the body sinks into a sedated state, and all forms of stress, both physical and mental, wash away. With each hit, you’ll find yourself drifting off further into a dream-like state until you’re completely immersed in euphoria.