Indica Passionfruit Paradise – 100mg/20ct
THC: 100mg
1 Unit

Kanha Nano utilizes nanomolecular technology to create the first fast-acting gummies in the industry. We take our award-winning, great-tasting gummies and infuse them with cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light, which increases the speed and amount of THC that enters your bloodstream.

Our Passionfruit Paradise gummies are divinely sweet and made with indica terpenes, which will induce a calm and relaxed state of mind. And with 10mg of THC per gummy and an average of 5-15 minutes for onset, these are the perfect gummy for micro-dosing.

Kanha gummies are made with all-natural ingredients, coloring, and flavoring. Each gummy is infused with the highest quality cannabis oils to provide the most consistent, safe experience on the market!