Biskante – 3.5g
THC: 31.3%
1 Unit

Absolutely incredible taste and smell on this new strain from AlienLabs. Biscotti style flavor with a pound of sweetness. We’ve crossed a lot of lemon strains and they usually always carry a very heavy lemon terp, and while this has some of the same sweetness, it’s very mild on the lemon – turning this into something pretty damn unique. The same effect can be described as a sativa dominant hybrid.
Mild green buds with subtle hints of purple hues. Deep green leafs and tiny tan hairs. Trichomes cover every crevice of the nugs.
Candied sweetness, with a modest hint of tangy lemon.
Sweet candy-like aroma, with slight notes of tangy lemon.
Hella euphoric… uplift and sweet bliss.